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All items should have responses. Items that are not relevant to the selected gold standard are not displayed. Any unanswered items will receive the worst incorrect value (i.e. if the gold standard response is 0 or 1, the unanswered item will receive a value of 3. If the gold standard response is 2 or 3, the unaswered item will receive a value of 0. Only specific vignette-question combinations permit responses of 'NA.' If 'NA' is selected when the correct answer was 0, 1, 2, or 3 it will similarly be scored with the worst value. When 'NA' is the correct response in the gold standard, the item is excluded from scoring, regardless of the selected value.

Each time an new assessment is selected from the dropdown menu, the set of questions will appear to generate automatically. However, it is important to still click 'Generate/reset questions' each time so that the appropriate gold standard values are loaded. The 'Current Assessment' heading indicates which assessment is currently loaded.

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